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Soldier Daughter and Cafe Michael, Tsfat

When we moved to Israel, our daughters understood that when they finished high school they would be called upon to serve their country in some capacity or another. They understood it and they embraced it. This is a huge source … Continue reading

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Ten Shekel Movie Day, Rain and Cafe Greg

Sometimes a day just gels, and last Thursday was just that kind of day. First of all , it rained. In a country where it hasn’t rained in six, maybe seven months, the first rain of the season is just … Continue reading

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Family Trip/Tanduka

Way back in September I announced to my dear family that I expected all to give me one day on Chol Hamoed Sukkot to do a family trip. I could tell that no one was comfortable making a commitment that early.  After … Continue reading

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Breakfast of champions

When you have three daughters with less than four years between them, it can be hard to find individual time with each of them.  It’s something I’ve worked hard at over the years, and I’m proud of the relationship I … Continue reading

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Better late than never

Our family life is currently in flux.  Used to be we were together a lot.  And by that I mean everyday. Dinner and bedtime. Weekly outings like swimming or the beach or extended family. Annual road trips. Those things rarely … Continue reading

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