About Me

There are two things in life I adore.

The first is writing.

The second is well, food.  Those of you who know me are probably not all that surprised. I enjoy cooking and am a pretty decent home cook.  But if we’re being honest, I enjoy food even more when it’s prepared for me.  Especially in restaurants.

Now that my kids have one foot out the door, I find myself eating out more and more.  I just love the idea of sitting down and someone setting down a steaming plate of deliciousness prepared especially for me.  And then clearing it away when I’m done. And then doing the dishes.

I love eating out anytime, any place.  Dives.  Fine dining.  Fast food. Cuisines from different cultures. I love it all.  It’s not my intention to be overly critical on these pages, but rather to celebrate my dining experiences and write about how they integrate into what is going on in my life.

About the title:  I live in Israel and there is an expression here in Hebrew:  “החיים תותים”–/HaChaim tutim/ which translates to the title of this blog.  Life can be really, really hard; we all know that.  But I try to be thankful for the sweet things, small as they may sometimes seem.

This blog is a work in progress, just like me.  I’d love to hear your feedback, positive and not.

Not everyone can or wants to cook.  But we all gotta eat. And I’m happy to let you know where to do that.